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LUT Offices Closed Monday (posted 2/12/16)
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In honor of Presidents' Day, Land Use & Transportation offices will be closed Monday, Feb. 15.


Road Closures (updated 2/12/16)
Road Closed

Several road closures are anticipated to begin in the coming months. As soon as exact dates have been determined for each closure, this information will be updated and notification will be sent out. 
Verboort Road will be closed for 4 months sometime between March and July. Purdin Road will be closed for 6 weeks starting late summer/early fall (after Verboort Road reopens).  The side street closures on OR 47 are necessary for the contractor to construct a roundabout at OR 47. OR 47 will remain open.
Porter Road will be closed for 4 months starting late summer (appox. Aug.) while the bridge at Council Creek is being replaced.
Walnut Street will be closed near Fowler Middle School for 3 weeks this summer while the contractor replaces a substandard culvert.

Evergreen Parkway will be closed at Cornelius Pass Road for 2-3 weeks in May while the contractor lowers the grade at the railroad tracks.

Ronler Drive will be closed at Cornelius Pass Road for 2-3 weeks this summer while the contractor reconstructs the intersection.
PLEASE NOTE: All dates are subject to change.

Traffic Safety (updated 2/12/16)
Springtime driving

It's not quite spring ...
The groundhog has forecasted an early spring, and recent warm weather could mean he's right. While spring generally means safer travel conditions, there are safety precautions to still keep in mind.
  • Road conditions – The winter's heavy rains and ice have wreaked havoc on many roads throughout the region.  Washington County road crews are doing their best to repair shoulders, ditches, and roadways that were damaged over the winter.  All travelers - motorists, pedestrians and bicyclists - need to be vigilant about monitoring road conditions.
  • Animal activity – It's still early, but as temperatures continue to rise, more animals will be hitting the streets, particularly at night and early morning. Watch out for furry and feathered friends. You don't want to hurt them, and you don't want them to hurt you, your bicycle or your car.
  • Warmer weather can bring more bicyclists and pedestrians out onto the streets.  Farm vehicles will also be taking to the rural roads. Remember: Share the road!

Stay Informed / Get Involved (updated 2/12/16)
Online open house

Construction begins this fall on a two-year project to widen U.S. 26 between Cornelius Pass Road and 185th Avenue. This is a partnership project between ODOT, City of Hillsboro and Washington County. Visit www.cornpass185.org to learn more and participate in the online open house, which will take users through the details of the project and what to expect during construction.   

ODOT asks for your feedback on the state's Transportation Safety Action Plan update. The online open house will be extended through Feb. 18.

Representatives from both of Washington County's road advisory committees were named last week to the committee that will help create a Transportation Safety Action Plan specific to Washington County.

The Washington County Transportation Futures Study is evaluating long-term transportation strategies and investments needed in the next 50 years. We want your input! Participate in our online open house through Feb. 19 and join the voices of the future!

Feb. 23 open house is set for the OR 47/Verboort-Purdin Road roundabout project and the Porter Road bridge replacement project. Stop by the Forest Grove Community Auditorium any time between 5 and 7 p.m. to learn more about both projects.

Attend at "meet the contractor" open house on March 2 for the 124th Avenue extension and Willamette Water Supply Program projects. The public is invited to stop by the TVF&R Training Center anytime between 5 and 7 p.m.

OReGO is now six months old and running strong. Results so far show the system is performing well. Learn more about Oregon's new road usage charge program – designed so you pay by the mile instead of by the gallon. When you join OReGO, you will only pay for the miles you drive. It’s a fair and sustainable way to fund road maintenance, preservation and improvements for all Oregonians.

Bike and Ped News (updated 1/27/16)
Oregon Bike and Ped Plan

ODOT's draft Bicycle and Pedestrian Plan is available for review. The plan supports decision-making for walking and biking investments, strategies, and programs. The public comment period is open through Feb. 18.

The Oregon Bicycle and Pedestrian Advisory Committee is seeking to fill a vacated position that represents the youth community. The committee meets up to six times per year. The current vacancy is for a member under the age of 21 at the time of appointment.

Bring your lunch and learn about gear for safe year-round riding, how to maintain your bike through wet weather and more, at the Winter Riding Tips Workshop from noon to 1 p.m., Feb. 18, at the Washington Street Conference Center in Hillsboro. RSVP to robin_straughan@co.washington.or.us.

On the Road (updated 2/12/16)

Expect delays through mid-February near the intersection of 175th Avenue and Scholls Ferry Road while a contractor installs underground utility lines for the new school. Lane restriction hours are generally between 8 a.m. and 4:30 p.m.
Vegetation Maintenance crews are maintaining landscaping on Boones Ferry Road. Drainage Maintenance crews are working on Germantown, Helvetia, Old Cornelius Pass, and Woollen roads. Crack sealing will be done on B Street, Elwert Road, and Jackson School Road. Surface Maintenance crews are also patching many pot holes caused by this winter’s flooding and freeze/thaw weather.
Road Asset Management staff reviewed pavement condition inspection reports and developed pavement preservation plans for the coming year. Proposed candidates for surface treatments (paving, chip seal, etc.) are being reviewed by other road agencies and stakeholders. The public will be asked to review and comment on the draft road maintenance program starting on March 7.
The Urban Road Maintenance District Advisory Committee meets Feb. 17. The agenda includes a discussion about transportation funding, ODOT projects in the urban area, and the recently completed School Access Improvement Study. The Rural Roads Operations and Maintenance Advisory Committee meets Feb. 18. The agenda includes a review of amendments to the annual road maintenance program due to storm damage, updates on County major road projects, and an update on potential legislative changes. Both meetings are open to the public.
Adopt-A-Road volunteers recently picked up litter along the following roads:
·         Cornelius-Schefflin Road from the city limits to Long (Community Action)
·         Gales Creek Road from Thatcher to 1 mile west (Forest Grove Rotary)
·         Kaiser Road from West Union to Laidlaw (Vennes Family)
·         Martin Road from Verboort to south of Old Martin Road (Hoerber Family)
·         North Road from Glencoe to Gordon (Debi Drake ReMax Equity Group)
·         Thatcher Road from Gales Creek to 1 mile north (Forest Grove Rotary)
·         Tile Flat Road from Scholls Ferry to Clark Hill (Nike Green Team)
Thank you, volunteers!

Road Construction Projects  For the week of: 02/07 - 02/13
Road Name From/To Activity Estimated Completion
Bike & Ped Gain Share Projects /Various Locations Construction 12/31/16
Safety Projects - 2014 Minor Betterment & URMD /Various Locations Construction 09/30/16
Safety Projects - 2015 Minor Betterment & URMD /Various Locations Construction 06/30/16
Baseline Road 197th Ave to Willow Creek Dr/Brookwood Ave to 231st Ave Construction 06/30/16
Brookwood Parkway Shute Rd/Meek Rd Construction 12/30/16
Cornelius Pass Road U.S. 26/Cornell Rd Construction 12/31/16
Farmington Road Murray Blvd/Hocken Ave Construction 05/31/17
View all construction projects

Road Maintenance Projects  
Road Name From/To Activity Estimated Completion
175th Av Milepost 0.118 / Milepost 0.16 Sweeping 02/12/16
B St Hwy 47 / End of Co. Jur. (n) Crack seal 02/19/16
Boones Ferry Rd Day Rd / Norwood Rd Landscape maintenance 02/19/16
Cornell Rd Milepost 4.926 / Milepost 5.125 Sweeping 02/12/16
Edy Rd Begin Co. Jur.(.108 e/Trailbla / Elwert Rd Brush Cutting 02/12/16
Elwert Rd Hwy 99 / Edy Rd Brush Cutting 02/12/16
Elwert Rd Hwy 99 / Lebeau Rd Crack seal 03/04/16
Germantown Rd Multnomah Co. Jur. / Cornelius Pass Rd Tile flushing 02/19/16
Helvetia Rd Hwy 26 / Jackson Quarry Rd Tile flushing 02/19/16
Helvetia Rd West Union Rd / Jackson Quarry Rd Ditch maintenance 02/19/16
Jackson School Rd Evergreen Rd / West Union Rd Crack seal 02/19/16
Old Cornelius Pass Rd Germantown Rd / Multnomah Co. Jur. Ditch maintenance 02/19/16
Old Cornelius Pass Rd Germantown Rd / Multnomah Co. Jur. Tile flushing 03/04/16
Scholls Ferry Rd Milepost 4.178 / Milepost 4.29 Sweeping 02/12/16
Scholls-Sherwood Rd Roy Rogers Rd / Elwert Rd Brush Cutting 02/19/16
Woollen Rd Sellers Rd / Green Mountain Rd Tile flushing 02/19/16
Woollen Rd Sellers Rd / Green Mountain Rd Ditch maintenance 03/04/16
View all maintenance projects
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