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Please respect road closures. Heavy equipment may be operating, bridges and culverts may be out of service or other hazardous conditions may exist. Road closures are for everyone's safety and apply to all road users – motorists, pedestrians, and bicyclists. It is unlawful to move or drive around a road closure barricade.

Road names in red denote EMERGENCY closures.

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Barrows Rd (westbound only) Scholls Ferry Rd / Roshak Rd Daytime closure Utility work From: 09/15/14   To: 10/15/14
Westbound closure hours are 7 a.m. to 6 p.m. each day. Eastbound traffic will be flagged through the area.
More info: Contact City of Beaverton Public Works at (503) 526-2445
City of Beaverton Public Works

Alt. Route: Horizon Boulevard
Brookwood, Cornell, Evergreen At: Hillsboro Airport Daytime closure Community event From: 09/19/14   To: 09/21/14
Multiple roads will be temporarily closed for the air show. Road closures for this event are permitted through the City of Hillsboro (503.681.6147).
2014 Air Show Map
2014 Oregon Air Show Website

Butner Rd At: Huntington Ave Daytime delays Road construction From: 08/18/14   To: 10/17/14
URMD Safety Improvement Project Page

Butner Rd Walker Rd / Downing St Daytime delays Road construction From: 08/18/14   To: 10/17/14
Minor Betterment Project Page

Oleson Rd At: @ Fanno Creek Closed Bridge replacement From: 07/28/14   To: 03/28/15
Road will be closed to all motorists at the bridge (located just south of Beaverton-Hillsdale Highway). A temp bike/ped bridge will be installed for bicyclists and walkers.
Oleson Road @ Fanno Creek Project Page
Detour Map

Alt. Route: Hall Boulevard - Scholls Ferry Road
Scholls Ferry Rd Roy Rogers Rd / Teal Blvd Daytime delays Road construction From: 08/26/13   To: 12/31/14
Lane restriction hours are from 9 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. Expect delays. Use alternate routes.
Scholls Ferry Road Project Page

Tonquin Rd At: Grahams Ferry Rd Closed * Traffic accident From: 09/19/14   To: 09/19/14
Use alternate route

Scheduled Closures

Schedules are subject to change. Schedules, project descriptions, detour routes, and maps for Washington County road projects will be posted as that information becomes available. Advance Warning Signs listing the closure dates will be installed at the project site at least a week prior to the beginning of the closure.

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Schedule Additional Information
166th Av
(City of Beaverton)
Moonstone St / dead end Closed Utility work From: 09/22/14  To: 11/27/14
Media release

Johnson St 209th Av / 204th Av Closed Utility work From: 09/22/14  To: 09/26/14
Sewer install for partition being developed
Alt. Route: Alexander Street
Rock Creek Blvd Toketee Drive / Jacobson Road Daytime closure Community event From: 09/26/14  To: 09/26/14
Liberty High School Homecoming Parade will start at 5:30 p.m. at Lennox Elementary School on Rock Creek Blvd, north on Toketee, west on 208th and Kalama, north on Landing, west on Galice, to cross Cornelius Pass Rd., then west on Jacobson and south on Croeni Road to Liberty High School.
Forest Grove, Wilsonville
At: Hillsboro Civic Center Daytime delays Community event From: 09/28/14  To: 09/28/14
Harvest Century Ride - 3, 45, 75, & 100 mile bicycle rides.
Expect bicycles on the road beginning at 7:00am. Visit their website for route maps and the latest info.

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