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Bike & Ped Gain Share Projects /Various Locations Construction 12/31/17
**Archived Projects / Completed 01/31/09
10th Avenue - Cornelius Holladay St/Baseline St Construction 09/30/18
10th Avenue (Hillsboro) Main St/Baseline Rd Completed 06/26/09
113th Avenue Pedestrian Pathway Rainmont Road/Anderson Street Construction 08/03/18
119th Avenue McDaniel Rd/Cornell Rd Completed 11/23/12
124th Avenue Grahams Ferry Rd/Tualatin-Sherwood Rd Construction 09/28/18
143rd Avenue (FY 2017-18 URMD Safety Improvement) House #2000/NW Melody Lane Design 06/30/18
158th Avenue Merlo Station/Walker Road Construction 05/31/18
160th Avenue (North Bethany area - P15) Brugger Rd/Springville Rd Completed 09/30/14
170th/173rd Avenue Walker Rd/Baseline Rd Completed 12/31/09
175th Avenue south of Alvord Lane/Scholls Ferry Road Design 06/01/18
175th Avenue (FY 2017-18 URMD Safety Improvement) SW Chris Street/SW Kinnaman Road Design 06/29/18
175th Avenue @ Kemmer Intersection Kemmer Road/Kemmer Road Design 12/31/18
185th Avenue Shaw St/Kinnaman Rd Completed 12/17/10
185th Avenue Westview High School/West Union Rd Completed 06/29/12
198th Avenue TV Highway/Farmington Rd Design 12/31/19
209th Avenue Bridge Stoddard Dr/Parker Ct Completed 10/30/09
214th Avenue (FY 2017-18 URMD Safety Improvement) SW Johnson Street/SW Tualatin Valley Highway Design 06/30/18
227th Avenue Bridge at Rock Creek Bridge at Rock Creek/Bridge at Rock Creek Design 12/31/19
80th Avenue Culvert Replacement SW Hemlock St/SW Elmwood St Design 10/31/17
90th Avenue (Locust to Borders) URMD 2017 Borders St/Locust St Design 09/01/17
99W at Hall and Greenburg/Main Hall Blvd/Greenburg Rd/Main St Completed 08/31/11
Alexander Street (FY 2017-18 URMD Safety Improvement) 198th Avenue/209th Avenue Design 06/30/18
Arterial Pedestrian Crossings Analysis / Planning 10/31/17
Banks/Vernonia Trail Extension Banks Rd/Sellers Rd Completed 10/15/10
Baseline Road 197th Ave to Willow Creek Dr/Brookwood Ave to 231st Ave Completed 09/30/16
Bethany Boulevard Cornell Rd/West Union Rd Completed 06/30/14
Boones Ferry Road Day Rd/Norwood Rd Completed 06/30/14
Bronson Road (185th to 174th) and 174th Ave Culvert Replacement 174th/185th Design 09/28/18
Brookwood Avenue TV Hwy/Baseline Rd/Main St Completed 12/31/12
Brookwood Parkway Shute Rd/Meek Rd Completed 01/31/17
Brookwood/Alexander Roundabout Alexander Street/Brookwood Avenue Completed 05/29/09
Bull Mountain Road (FY 2017-18 URMD Safety Improvement) SW Nemarnik Drive/SW Grandview Lane Design 06/30/18
Bull Mountain Road Pedestrian Pathway 159th Avenue/133rd Avenue Design 09/30/17
Bull Mountain/Roshak Intersection Roshak Rd/Bull Mountain Rd Completed 11/16/12
Butner Road Culvert Replacement SW Huntington Avenue/SW 126th Avenue Design 12/31/18
Cornelius Pass Road TV Hwy/Frances St Design 12/31/19
Cornelius Pass Road Aloclek Dr/Wilkins St Completed 04/19/13
Cornelius Pass Road U.S. 26/Cornell Rd Construction 03/31/17
Cornelius Pass Road Bridge Over Rock Creek Bridge at Rock Creek/Bridge at Rock Creek Design 12/31/18
Cornelius Pass Road  Frances St/Wilkins St Completed 07/15/11
Cornelius Pass Road/TV Highway Intersection /TV Highway Construction 10/31/17
Cornelius Schefflin Road - Segment E North of Council Creek Bridge/Verboort Roundabout Completed 06/30/10
Cornell Road 107th Ave/102nd Ave Design 09/10/18
Council Creek Bridge Cornelius-Schefflin Rd/ Completed 06/30/10
David Hill Road & OR 47/Verboort Road / Construction 07/31/17
David Hill Road Extension Brooke St/700 feet east Completed 02/03/12
Elwert Road @ Kruger Intersection / Design 12/31/19
Evergreen Road 253rd Ave/25th Ave Completed 05/10/13
Farmington Road Murray Blvd/Hocken Ave Construction 08/31/17
Fischer Road (131st Avenue to Pacific Highway) Pacific Highway/131st Avenue Construction 09/01/17
Gales Creek Road Bridge /over Gales Creek Construction 05/31/17
Glencoe Road Hwy 26/West Union Rd Completed 06/30/11
Glencoe Road Bridge /McKay Creek Completed 09/30/12
Groveland Drive Helvetia Rd/East of Groveland Rd Completed 10/30/15
Hagg Lake Perimeter Roads West Shore Drive/Scoggins Valley Road Design 06/30/18
Highway 26 Cornell Rd/185th Ave Completed 09/30/12
Jackson School Road Evergreen Rd/Grant St Design 12/31/18
Jackson School Road Corridor NW Rogahn Street/NE Grant Street Design 12/31/20
Jackson School Road Roundabout Scotch Church Rd/Meek Rd Construction 06/01/17
Jenkins Road 158th Ave/Murray Blvd Design 12/31/18
Johnson School Road Bridge /Davis Creek Completed 04/26/13
Johnson Street (FY 2017-18 URMD Safety Improvement) SW 182nd Avenue/SW Jasmine Place Design 06/30/18
Johnson Street (FY 2017-18 URMD Safety Improvement) House #21415/214th Avenue Design 06/30/18
Kaiser Road (Twoponds to Vance) Gain Share Vance Drive/Two Ponds Drive Design 07/31/17
Kaiser Road Intersections Laidlaw Rd/Bethany Blvd Completed 09/30/10
Leahy Road and Stark Street 89th Av-88th Av/90th Av-88th Av Completed 08/31/13
Meacham Road Bridge /East Fork Dairy Creek Completed 11/30/12
Murray/Cornell Corridor Improvements Hwy 26/Science Park Dr Completed 12/18/09
Old Cornelius Pass Road Bridge /Rock Creek Completed 10/22/12
Old Highway 47 Bridge /Scoggins Creek Completed 11/29/13
Oleson Road Bridge /Fanno Creek Completed 05/31/15
Oleson Road Realignment Scholls Ferry Rd/Beaverton-Hillsdale Hwy Design 12/31/22
Pacific Avenue at Quince Street /Quince Street (Highway 47) Design 11/30/17
Porter Road Bridge /Council Creek Construction 05/31/17
River Road  Rood Bridge Rd/Davis Rd Completed 06/30/10
Road overlay (paving) 2017 Various locations/Various locations Planning 06/30/18
Road Widening and Paving 2015-16 Various locations/Various locations Completed 06/30/17
Rock Creek Trail Crossing /Evergreen Road Completed 11/30/12
Roy Rogers & Scholls Ferry Road Intersections Tile Flat Rd/Beef Bend Rd/Scholls-Sherwood Rd Completed 08/29/14
Roy Rogers Road Scholls Ferry Rd/Bull Mountain Rd Design 12/31/19
Safety Projects - 2014 Minor Betterment & URMD /Various Locations Completed 09/30/16
Safety Projects - 2015 Minor Betterment & URMD /Various Locations Completed 10/31/16
Safety Projects - 2016 Minor Betterment & URMD /Various Locations Design 06/30/17
Safety Projects - 2017 URMD /Various Locations Design 07/31/17
Saltzman Road Bauer Woods Dr/Cornell Rd Completed 12/31/10
Scholls Ferry Road Teal Blvd/Roy Rogers Rd Completed 12/31/14
Scholls Ferry Road Bridge /Fanno Creek Completed 05/15/13
Scholls Ferry/River Road Intersection River Rd/Scholls Ferry Rd Completed 06/29/12
Sellers Road Realignment Sellers Rd/Banks Rd Completed 10/15/10
Spiesschaert Road /Council Creek Completed 06/30/10
Spring Hill Road Bridge /Tualatin River Overflow Design 12/31/17
Springville Road 178th Ave/185th Ave Design 09/28/18
Susbauer Railroad Crossing / Completed 10/01/10
Taylors Ferry Road (FY 2017-18 Safety Improvement) SW Washington Drive/Sw 78th Place Design 06/30/18
Thompson Road (FY 2017-18 URMD Safety Improvement) NW 114th Avenue/NW Knollview Drive Design 05/25/18
Timber Road Bridge /Gales Creek Design 06/30/18
Tualatin Sherwood Road Borchers Dr/Langer Farms Pkwy/Adams Ave Design 12/31/20
Tualatin-Sherwood Road (ITS - Phase 1) I-5/Teton Ave Completed 05/31/11
Tualatin-Sherwood Road (ITS - Phase 2) Hwy 99W/Teton Ave Completed 08/31/16
Tualatin-Sherwood Road RR Crossing /west of Oregon Street Completed 08/25/15
Tualatin-Sherwood/Gerda Signal Gerda Ln/Tualatin-Sherwood Rd Completed 12/29/10
U.S. 26 Widening Project (Cornelius Pass Road to 185th Avenue) Cornelius Pass Road/185th Avenue Construction 12/31/18
Walker Road - Phase 1 Schendel Ave/173rd Ave Construction 07/31/17
Walker Road - Phase 2 Murray Blvd/Schendel Ave Design 12/31/19
Walker Road @ Murray Intersection / Design 12/31/19
Walnut Street Tiedeman Ave/116th Avenue Construction 07/12/17
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