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Highlights for the week ending September 4, 2015 (posted 8/28/15)
Rainy driving tips

The National Weather Service is predicting heavy rains starting tonight and through the weekend. Road surfaces get slick and traveling gets tricky when rain first falls after a long dry spell. Here are some tips for driving in the rain:

  • Slow down
  • Increase following distance
  • Turn on headlights
  • Disengage cruise control

If you hydroplane, ease off the gas, gently apply brakes and steer straight ahead.

Visit ODOT's webpage for more driving in the rain tips.

Road Closures

Tualatin-Sherwood Road reopened ahead of schedule after replacement of the railroad crossing west of Oregon Street. The road was closed at 7 p.m. on Friday, August 21, and reopened Sunday at 7 p.m. The work was expected to take up to 72 hours to complete. "Good advance planning and coordination with P&W Railroad crews are what made the early opening possible," according to Dave Schamp, LUT Operations and Maintenance Manager.

Bates Road is closed through August 31 between Patton Valley Road and Old Highway 47 in Gaston for installation of a water line. Traffic is detoured via Old Highway 47.

2nd Street and Menlo Drive are closed at Farmington Road through Sept. 30 (date extended) for culvert replacement at Erickson Creek. Travelers are detoured to Erickson Avenue.

Alden Street will be closed west of Oleson Road, Sept. 7 through Oct. 6, while street and sidewalk improvements are made as part of Clean Water Services’ Alden Water Quality Facility project.

Scoggins Valley Road will be closed west of Tanner Creek Road Sept. 8 through Oct. 12 for replacement of two culverts. All road users will be detoured around the lake via Scoggins Valley Road and West Shore Drive.

Bike and Ped News

The Henry Hagg Lake Loop Trail will be closed at Scoggins Valley Road near Tanner Creek Road Sept. 17 through Oct. 12 while crews replace a culvert.

On the Road

Summer is the busiest road construction season. Roadwork is happening all over Washington County. Check with the appropriate road agency for projects in your area. Orange is your clue to slow down and pay attention!

Paving on 170th Avenue between Blanton and Rigert begins Wednesday, Sept. 2, and continues through Sept. 11, weather permitting. Expect long delays between 8:30 a.m. and 4 p.m. or use alternate routes.

Road surface crews will be patch paving Campbell Road. Pavement repairs are being made on 113th and on 143rd avenues. The Drainage crew is replacing culverts on Fisher and Mountaindale roads. Vegetation management crews continue roadside mowing. Community Service workers will be maintaining landscaping on Oleson Road. Traffic Operations crews are maintaining signs and refreshing pavement markings. Use caution when encountering a road striping operation; do not drive on wet paint.

Adopt-A-Road volunteers will be picking up litter along 143rd Avenue from Cornell to West Union (Kentco Paintco) and along Bany Road from the city limits to 185th (Valley Catholic Football). Thank you, volunteers!

Micro-surface paving is back on schedule following contractor equipment problems and rain delay. Work is expected to continue next week, depending on weather. Current schedules will be posted online. Scroll down to Road Maintenance Projects.

Asphalt overlay paving on neighborhood streets in the Urban Road Maintenance District wrapped up last week. If you live on or use a street that was recently paved, please let us know what we did well and how we can improve.

Stay Informed / Get Involved

What is MSTIP? Read about Washington County's Major Streets Transportation Improvement Program and plans for selecting projects to be constructed in the next round of MSTIP funding in the summer 2015 issue of Updates, a quarterly community newsletter from the Department of Land Use & Transportation. For more frequent news, subscribe to the LUT Weekly Update.

Road Construction Projects  For the week of: 08/30 - 09/05
Road Name From/To Activity Estimated Completion
Bike & Ped Projects - Gain Share /Various Locations Construction 12/31/16
Interim Safety Projects - 2014 Minor Betterment & URMD /Various Locations Construction 06/30/16
Baseline Road 197th Ave to Willow Creek Dr/Brookwood Ave to 231st Ave Construction 06/30/16
Brookwood Parkway Shute Rd/Meek Rd Construction 12/30/16
Cornelius Pass Road U.S. 26/Cornell Rd Construction 12/31/16
Farmington Road Murray Blvd/Hocken Ave Construction 05/31/17
Groveland Drive Helvetia Rd/East of Groveland Rd Construction 12/31/15
View all construction projects

Road Maintenance Projects  
Road Name From/To Activity Estimated Completion
106th Av Canyon Rd / Walker Rd Micro-surface paving - URMD 08/31/15
109th Av Hwy 10 / 110th Av Micro-surface paving - URMD 09/08/15
113th Av Reeves St (w-leg) / Rainmont Rd Pavement excavation and repair (PER) 09/03/15
143rd Av Cornell Rd / Thompson Rd Pavement excavation and repair (PER) 09/03/15
149th Av Division St / 006th Av Micro-surface paving 09/02/15
170th Av Spellman Dr / Kemmer Rd Micro-surface paving 09/10/15
170th Av Rigert Rd / Blanton St Asphalt overlay paving 09/11/15
173rd Av Farmington Rd / Shaw St Micro-surface paving - URMD 09/10/15
227th Av Quatama Rd / north of Fir St Micro-surface paving 09/09/15
Bethany Bl West Union Rd / Laidlaw Rd Pavement excavation and repair (PER) 09/10/15
Blanton St Spratt Wy (n) / 160th Av Micro-surface paving - URMD 09/02/15
Bronson Rd Bethany Bl / 174th Av Micro-surface paving 09/09/15
Butner Rd Park Wy / Cedar Hills Bl Micro-surface paving 09/03/15
Butner Rd Downing St / Walker Rd Micro-surface paving - URMD 09/03/15
Campbell Rd Laurelview Rd / Bald Peak Rd Machine patch paving 09/10/15
Canyon Dr Frontage Rd (n/Canyon Ln) / 078th Av Micro-surface paving - URMD 09/01/15
Cipole Rd Tualatin-Sherwood Rd / Hwy 99W Micro-surface paving 09/11/15
Downing St Butner Rd / Meadow Dr Micro-surface paving 09/09/15
Fisher Rd Pongratz Rd / Hannan St Culvert replacement (12 inch) 09/03/15
Golf Course Rd Tongue Ln / Cornelius Jur. Construction project - shoulder widening 09/18/15
Inglis Dr Grabhorn Rd / Dead End Micro-surface paving 09/10/15
Marlow Av Eastridge St / Park Wy Micro-surface paving 09/01/15
Mason Hill Rd Jackson School Rd / Jarrell Rd Culvert replacement (12 inch) 09/10/15
Mountaindale Rd Dersham Rd / Bridge 1358 Culvert replacement (12 inch) 09/03/15
Old Hwy 47 At: 1405 Bridge maintenance 09/03/15
Oleson Rd Hall Bl / Scholls Ferry Rd Landscape maintenance 09/10/15
Park Wy Baltic Av / Marlow Av Micro-surface paving 08/31/15
Pihl Rd At: Bridge #1376 Bridge maintenance 09/03/15
Reiling Rd At: 1293 Bridge maintenance 09/03/15
Ridgewood Av Brentwood St / Canyon Dr Micro-surface paving - URMD 09/02/15
River Rd Farmington Rd / Rosedale Rd Construction project - shoulder widening 10/13/15
Roxbury Av Walker Rd / Marlow Av Micro-surface paving 09/08/15
Scholls Ferry Rd River Rd / Hwy 219 Crack seal 09/10/15
Scoggins Valley Rd At: Culvert #1793 replacement Hagg Lake Project 10/12/15
Scoggins Valley Rd At: Culvert #2014 replacement Hagg Lake Project 09/21/15
View all maintenance projects
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