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Highlights for the week ending August 22, 2014 (updated 8/20/14)
THPRD's Big Truck Day

Visit us at THPRD's Big Truck Day this Saturday, August 16, at Conestoga Recreation and Acquatics Center. We'll be there with our excavator and grader. We’ll also have a traffic safety game with fun prizes for all ages. See you there!

Did you know that Washington County takes care of almost 1300 miles of roads? That's around 2600 shoulder miles of landscaping, bushes, and trees. Nearly a third of the requests we receive for road service are for vegetation. Overgrown vegetation can cover up signs, block visibility at intersections, and encroach into the roadway or sidewalk, creating safety hazards for motorists, bicyclists and pedestrians. Trimming roadside vegetation is the responsibility of the adjacent property owner. For more information, read our Roadside Vegetation fact sheet.

On the Road

UPDATED DATES: The City of Beaverton will begin performing nighttime paving on several city streets starting Monday, August 25, through Friday, August 29. Visit their traffic alerts website for complete details.

Multnomah County will begin daytime Chip seal paving on Newberry, Kaiser and Skyline starting Monday, August 18, through Tuesday, August 26. For more details, view their media release.

ODOT's TV Highway (Minter Bridge to 331st) paving project continues, with the most disruptive work on Baseline Street to date. Continuing through Saturday, the left and center lanes on Baseline between 8th and 7th will be closed 24/7. In addition, the left lane of Baseline will be closed from 9th to 8th. Paving of this section is scheduled for tonight, August 15. The right lane of Baseline from 3rd to 2nd will also be closed. Plan for congestion, delays and uneven road surfaces for the next couple of months.

Butner Road’s
interim safety improvement projects begin next week. The county’s contractor will be rehabilitating an existing pedestrian path on the west side of Butner between Walker and 141st, widening the shoulder on the west side between 141st and Downing and adding a widened shoulder on the southwest corner of Butner and Huntington. Visit the project website for more information.

Fog seals were completed on the rural roads recently chip-sealed. The roads are now being pre-marked for pavement markings. Striping should be completed in September.

Crack sealing has started in preparation for upcoming slurry seals on roads in the Urban Road Maintenance District. Scroll down to Road Maintenance Projects for specific road schedules.

Pavement repairs continue on Mountaindale RoadScoggins Valley Road and Tongue Lane. A short section of Schmeltzer Road is receiving a property-owner-financed upgrade from gravel to a chip sealed surface. Community Service workers are maintaining landscaping on 170th Avenue from Rigert to Blanton. The decks of two bridges on Baseline Road near 69th Avenue are being crack sealed.

Road Closure

Oleson Road is closed for eight months at the Fanno Creek bridge just south of Beaverton-Hillsdale Highway. Motorists are detoured to Hall Boulevard and Scholls Ferry Road. A temporary bike/ped bridge provides access for walkers and bicyclists during the closure.

Community Events

The Gaston Good Ol’ Days parade will be held next Friday, August 22. Several roads, including a section of Highway 47, will be closed from 6 to 8 p.m. Visit their event website for more information.

Save the date! Saturday, September 27, is the SOLVE Beach and Riverside Cleanup. Volunteer for litter cleanup, tree planting or invasive plant removal. Help keep Oregon clean!

Get Involved / Stay Informed

The public is invited to learn about route alternatives being considered  for the Council Creek Regional Trail Master Plan at an open house on August 27. The goal is to identify the preferred trail route for bicyclists and pedestrians from Hillsboro, through Cornelius, Forest Grove and Banks, connecting with the Banks-Vernonia Trail.

Both the urban and the rural roads advisory committees are taking a month off. The Urban Road Maintenance District Advisory Committee's next meeting is September 17, and the Rural Roads Operations and Maintenance Advisory Committee meets September 18.
Looking for a way to improve the environment and contribute to your community? Consider Washington County's Adopt-A-Road program. Volunteer groups make a two-year commitment to pick up litter at least twice a year along a road segment at least one mile long. Contact the Adopt-A-Road coordinator to find out which roads are available.

Road Construction Projects  For the week of: 08/17 - 08/23
Road Name From/To Activity Estimated Completion
2014 Minor Betterment & URMD Safety Projects / Construction 12/31/14
P15 (North Bethany area) Brugger Rd/Springville Rd Construction 07/31/14
Roy Rogers & Scholls Ferry Road Intersections Tile Flat Rd/Beef Bend Rd/Scholls-Sherwood Rd Construction 08/29/14
Scholls Ferry Road Teal Blvd/Roy Rogers Rd Construction 12/31/14
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Road Maintenance Projects  
Road Name From/To Activity Estimated Completion
070th AV 070th Av / Cds (e) Slurry seal-URMD 09/15/14
075th AV Cedar St / Northshire St Slurry seal-URMD 09/11/14
086th AV Fairway Dr / Cashmur Ln Slurry seal-URMD 09/12/14
089th AV Stark St / Oak St Slurry seal-URMD 09/10/14
091st AV Borders St / Cds (n-w) Slurry seal-URMD 09/15/14
107th AV Honda Svc / Canyon Rd Slurry seal-URMD 09/15/14
107th Av Honda Svc (btwn two driveways) / Canyon Rd Slurry seal 09/12/14
108th Av Cameliua Park Apts (1/2 intersection) / Walker Rd Slurry seal 09/15/14
108th AV Canyon Rd / Cameliua Park Apts (1/2 intersection) Slurry seal-URMD 09/12/14
139th AV Burlwood St / Furlong Wy Slurry seal-URMD 09/11/14
144th AV Chardonnay Av / Bull Mountain Rd Slurry seal-URMD 09/18/14
144th Av Bull Mountain Rd / High Tor Dr Slurry seal 09/19/14
149th Av Canyon Rd Apts / Farmington Rd Slurry seal 09/17/14
149th Av 6th St / Farmington Rd Crack seal 08/25/14
149th Av (East 1/2) 6th Av / Canyon Rd Apts (1/2 intersection) Slurry seal 09/17/14
149th Av (West 1/2) 006th St / Canyon Rd Apts (1/2 intersection) Slurry seal-URMD 09/16/14
153rd AV Oak Hills Dr / Forest Av Slurry seal-URMD 08/28/14
160th AV Rockrose Ln / Barrows Rd Slurry seal-URMD 09/19/14
182nd AV Sandra Ln / Augusta Ln Slurry seal-URMD 09/17/14
187th AV Lapine St / Cds (s) Slurry seal-URMD 09/08/14
189th CT Westword St / Cds (s) Slurry seal-URMD 09/19/14
189th Ct Westword St / Cds (S) Crack seal 08/28/14
190th AV Columbia Av / Lapine St Slurry seal-URMD 09/08/14
192nd AV 192nd Av / Cds (w) Slurry seal-URMD 09/16/14
192nd Av 192nd Av / Cds (W) Crack seal 08/25/14
194th AV Blaine St / Cds (n/Vista St) Slurry seal-URMD 09/17/14
194th Pl Blaine st / Cds (N/Vista St) Crack seal 08/26/14
196th Av York St / Cds (N/Rock Rd) Crack seal 08/26/14
196th AV York St / Cds (n/Rock Rd) Slurry seal-URMD 09/17/14
197th PL Cds (s) / Anderson St Slurry seal-URMD 09/18/14
197th Pl Cds (S) / Anderson St Crack seal 08/27/14
199th PL Oak Ct / Cds (s) Slurry seal-URMD 09/19/14
199th Pl Oak Ct / Cds (S) Crack seal 08/28/14
202nd AV Wright St / Cds (n) Slurry seal-URMD 09/18/14
202nd Av Wright St / Cds (N) Crack seal 08/28/14
205th Av 205th Av / Cds (E) Crack seal 08/27/14
205th AV 205th Av / Cds (e) Slurry seal-URMD 09/18/14
75th Av Maple Dr / Cedar St Slurry seal 09/15/14
91st Av Borders St / Cds (NW) Crack seal 08/22/14
Alden ST Oleson Rd / 085th Av (s) Slurry seal-URMD 09/16/14
Ashdale DR Ashdale Dr / Cds (s) Slurry seal-URMD 09/15/14
Ashdale Dr Ashdale Dr / Cds (S) Crack seal 08/22/14
Augusta Ln 182nd Av / Cds (W) Crack seal 08/26/14
Augusta LN 182nd Av / Cds (w) Slurry seal-URMD 09/17/14
Aurora PL Cds (e) / Columbia Av Slurry seal-URMD 09/08/14
Berkshire ST Winchester Av / Cedar Hills Bl Slurry seal-URMD 08/28/14
Berkshire St Roxbury Av / Winchester Av Slurry seal 09/11/14
Blaine ST 217th Av / Cornelius Pass Rd Slurry seal-URMD 09/17/14
Blaine St 217th Av / Cornelius Pass rd Crack seal 08/26/14
Bucharest CT Cds (se) / Canyon Dr Slurry seal-URMD 09/15/14
Burbank AV Regal Dr / Ardenwood St Slurry seal-URMD 08/28/14
Carlton CT At: Columbia Av Slurry seal-URMD 09/08/14
Carmel CT 089th Av (s) / Cds (e/089th Av-n) Slurry seal-URMD 09/16/14
Carmel Ct 89th Av (S) / Cds (E/89th Av) Crack seal 08/25/14
Castle Dr Farmington Rd / Dead End (NW) Crack seal 08/25/14
Castle DR Farmington Rd / Dead End (n-w) Slurry seal-URMD 09/16/14
Castlewood ST Elmhurst Av / Ecole Av Slurry seal-URMD 09/11/14
Cedar ST 075th Av / 078th Av Slurry seal-URMD 09/11/14
Clarion ST Pecan St / Dead End (n) Slurry seal-URMD 09/17/14
Coburg CT Cds (e) / Park View Dr Slurry seal-URMD 09/08/14
Colony DR Roshak Rd / 161st Av Slurry seal-URMD 09/19/14
Colony Dr Roshak Rd / 161st Av Crack seal 08/28/14
Copeland ST 107th Av / Begin curbed segment Slurry seal-URMD 09/10/14
Deline ST 198th Av / Westside Dr (e) Slurry seal-URMD 09/18/14
Deline St 198th Av / Westside Dr (E) Crack seal 08/27/14
Dellwood AV Dellwood Ct / Foothill Dr Slurry seal-URMD 09/11/14
Dogwood Ln Newton Pl (1/2 intersection) / North End Slurry seal 09/15/14
Dogwood LN Stephen Ln / 275' South of Hwy 10 Slurry seal-URMD 09/12/14
Dogwood Ln (East 1/2) 225' North of Scholls Ferry / Newton Pl Slurry seal 09/15/14
Dogwood Ln (West 1/2) 225' North of Scholls Ferry Rd / Newton Pl (1/2 intersection) Slurry seal-URMD 09/12/14
Fir Grove LN 091st Av / 094th Av Slurry seal-URMD 09/12/14
Florence LN House #6520 / 71st Tr (1/2 intersection) Slurry seal-URMD 09/15/14
Florence Ln 80th Av / 71st Tr (1/2 intersection) Slurry seal 09/16/14
Frenwood WY Morrison St / 130th Av Slurry seal-URMD 09/10/14
Garden View AV House #2540 / Cds (n) Slurry seal-URMD 09/12/14
Gardenview Av House #2540 / Cds (N) Crack seal 08/21/14
Hargis Rd 165th Av / House #16620 Crack seal 08/28/14
Hargis RD 165th Av / House #16620 Slurry seal-URMD 09/19/14
Idanha ST 186th Av / Columbia Av Slurry seal-URMD 09/08/14
Jaylee ST Dead End (e) / 158th Av Slurry seal-URMD 09/17/14
Jaylee St Dead End (E) / 158th Av Crack seal 08/26/14
Kahneeta DR House #5055 / West Union Rd Slurry seal-URMD 09/10/14
Katie Rose TR Zackwood Ct / Blanton St Slurry seal-URMD 09/18/14
Kennedy ST 102nd Av / 107rd Av Slurry seal-URMD 09/15/14
Kiwanda DR Rock Creek Bl / Cds (n) Slurry seal-URMD 09/09/14
Lanewood ST Cds (e) / Cedar Hills Bl Slurry seal-URMD 08/28/14
Linda LN Murray Bl / Devonwood Av Slurry seal-URMD 09/10/14
Malhuer AV House #4576 / Neakahnie Av Slurry seal-URMD 09/08/14
Malhuer Av House #4576 / Rock Creek Bl Slurry seal 09/09/14
Maui CT Barricade (e) / 090th Av Slurry seal-URMD 09/15/14
Metolius DR Neskowin Av / Nestucca Dr Slurry seal-URMD 09/09/14
Mountaindale Rd North Av / Dairy Creek Rd Pavement repair 08/21/14
Neskowin AV Neskowin Av / Cds (nw) Slurry seal-URMD 09/09/14
New Castle Pl 203rd Av / Cds (W) Crack seal 08/27/14
Newcastle PL 203rd Av / Cds (w) Slurry seal-URMD 09/18/14
Oak CT 198th Av / Cds (sw) Slurry seal-URMD 09/19/14
Oak Ct 198th Av / Cds (SW) Crack seal 08/28/14
Oak Hills Dr 153rd Av / Oakmont Loop West Ent. Slurry seal 08/28/14
Oak Hills Dr Bonneville Lp / 143rd Av Slurry seal 09/09/14
Oak Hills Dr Oakmont Lp / Bonneville Lp West Ent. Slurry seal-URMD 09/08/14
OBrien ST Oleson Rd / Dead End (w) Slurry seal-URMD 09/16/14
Owyhee CT Rock Creek Bl / Cds (n) Slurry seal-URMD 09/09/14
Perimeter PL Cds (se/Perimeter Dr) / Cds (nw) Slurry seal-URMD 08/28/14
Pineridge CT Cds (e) / Ridgewood Av Slurry seal-URMD 09/12/14
Pineridge Ct Cds (E) / Ridgewood Av Crack seal 08/21/14
Prospect LN 196th Av / Prospect Ct Slurry seal-URMD 09/16/14
Quail Hollow DR Innisbrook Pl (1/2 Intersection) / Edgebrook Pl Slurry seal-URMD 09/09/14
Quail Hollow Dr Neakahnie Av / Innisbrook Pl Slurry seal 09/10/14
Rock CT 204th Av / Cds (e) Slurry seal-URMD 09/17/14
Rock Ct 204th Av / Cds (E) Crack seal 08/26/14
Rock Rd 196th Av / 197th Av Crack seal 08/26/14
Rock RD 196th Av / 197th Av Slurry seal-URMD 09/17/14
Royal Oak CT Cds (e) / 071st Av Slurry seal-URMD 09/16/14
Royal Oak Ct Cds (E) / 71st Av Crack seal 08/25/14
Salishan PL Salishan Dr / Cds (n) Slurry seal-URMD 09/09/14
Salmon ST 090th Av / Barricade (w) Slurry seal-URMD 09/10/14
Scenic DR Melnor St / Knollcrest Dr Slurry seal-URMD 09/11/14
Scenic Dr Melnore St / Garden View Dr Slurry seal 09/12/14
Scoggins Valley Rd Hwy 47 / West Shore Dr Pavement repair 08/21/14
Stacey ST 192nd Av / 197th Av Slurry seal-URMD 09/17/14
Stacey St 192nd Av / 197th Av Crack seal 08/26/14
Tillamook DR Tillamook Dr / Cds (n) Slurry seal-URMD 09/09/14
Toketee DR Rock Creek Bl / Quail Hollow Dr Slurry seal-URMD 09/10/14
Tongue Ln Hwy 219 / Golf Course Rd Pavement repair 08/21/14
Torreyview DR Oak St / House #470 Slurry seal-URMD 09/10/14
Torreyview LN Torreyview Dr / Leahy Tr Slurry seal-URMD 09/10/14
Vincent ST 175th Av / 180th Av Slurry seal-URMD 09/19/14
Vincent St 175th Av / 180th Av Crack seal 08/28/14
Warwick AV Berkshire St / Winthrop Av Slurry seal-URMD 09/11/14
Waverly PL Winchester Av / Cds (w) Slurry seal-URMD 09/12/14
Waverly Pl Winchester Av / Cds (W) Crack seal 08/21/14
West RD South Rd / 123rd Pl Slurry seal-URMD 08/28/14
Wilshire ST (North 1/2) 098th Av / Eastridge St Slurry seal-URMD 09/11/14
Wilshire St (South 1/2) 98th Av / Eastridge St Slurry seal 09/12/14
Winchester AV Roxbury Av / Berkshire St Slurry seal-URMD 09/12/14
Wright ST 198th Av / 202nd Av Slurry seal-URMD 09/18/14
Wright ST Cds (e/176th Av) / 179th Av Slurry seal-URMD 09/18/14
Wright St Cds (E/of 176th Av) / 202nd Av Crack seal 08/27/14
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